Process improvement

The Power of Data to Stop Waste

12th October 2016

Our own James Farrell recently spoke at Low shot of yellow truck wheels and view behind the Major Infrastructure Resource Optimisation Group (MI-ROG); a group comprising of a range of infrastructure clients with on common purpose: “to avoid wasting valuable resources and to work with supply chains to embed this approach throughout operations” He wrote … Continue reading “The Power of Data to Stop Waste”

Construction safety

3 ways positive health & safety observations can help your business

12th September 2016

When it comes to observations, most people’s reflex is to capture issues that need to be fixed, negative things noticed somewhere onsite – for instance combustible materials blocking escape routes. Obviously, reporting that kind of incident/observation is really helpful to analyse trends, to spot areas of specific issue and take preventive measures. However, positive observations … Continue reading “3 ways positive health & safety observations can help your business”

3 things you should know about SMARTWaste’s new reporting release

18th August 2016

Listening to customers’ feedback, the digital tools team has developed new reporting SMARTWaste features which will be added early in August 2016. This release is all about letting SMARTWaste users have access to the information they need, quickly and easily. We caught up with Priya Naik, Product Manager for both SMARTWaste and YellowJacket, and Amanda … Continue reading “3 things you should know about SMARTWaste’s new reporting release”

Interview: New YellowJacket tool to help improve process efficiency

17th July 2016

In working with a variety of clients, helping them to measure and improve performance through adopting lean construction techniques on construction sites, BRE has found that many sites come across issues with process efficiency. Often half the time spent in the construction process is adding little or no value to the client – leaving contractors … Continue reading “Interview: New YellowJacket tool to help improve process efficiency”

View over London including millennium dome

"Credible data driving environmental performance improvements"

26th May 2016

SMARTWaste Case Study Interview: Canary Wharf Contractors Limited Canary Wharf New Phase, a mixed-use development delivering 3,200+ homes Earlier this month, BRE Digital Tools’ Jo Goodwin sat with Callum Scott, Project Sustainability Manager for Canary Wharf Contractors Limited, (CWCL) the construction arm of the Canary Wharf Group, to find out more about their experiences with … Continue reading “"Credible data driving environmental performance improvements"”