Automating Robertson’s Workflow

Helping Robertson save time and resource in waste data capture, compliance and reporting


Robertson is one of the UK’s largest independently owned construction, infrastructure and support services groups. Covering the entire built environment lifecycle, Robertson operate across the UK with offices in Scotland, the North of England and the Midlands.

Sustainability and good environmental management are ingrained in Robertson. Integral to this is the robust management of waste and the related compliance and reporting issues that come with managing waste across such a large supply chain and hundreds of sites. Robertson turned to SmartWaste for help.

“I have worked very closely with Tony and Robertson Construction over the past two and a half years to support and implement SmartWaste across their business. We have trained over 270 Robertson staff on SmartWaste and training continues with the continued roll-out of the tool to other parts of the Roberston business. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Stuart Blofeld, SmartSite Senior Trainer


Robertson first adopted SmartWaste in 2017, at which time they were managing a large waste supply chain of over 80 waste management companies across their projects through Scotland and the North East of England. It became apparent that waste reporting across this volume of sites and multiple waste contractors was incredibly complex and varied, inconsistent and challenging to manage. Sites were receiving data in a myriad of reporting formats which made managing waste difficult and reporting on it at the group level virtually impossible


The initial solution, by implementing SmartWaste, brought far greater consistency by capturing all waste data from 80+ waste management contractors all under the same reporting platform. However, this still required Robertson site employees to spend time and effort in pulling together waste data from multiple contractors into the online SmartWaste platform.

While the process above was a great improvement on the previous system, Robertson really wanted to automate the entire process of waste data capture in SmartWaste without the need for any manual data entry. SmartWaste introduced a solution and Robertson are the first company in the UK to adopt and use the new SmartWaste API (Application Programme Interface). The API allows for the seamless transfer of waste data directly from a waste contractor’s own reporting system into SmartWaste without the need for any manual intervention.

“From the implementation
of the SmartWaste tool, we have found it far easier to manage our levels of waste data recording across the varying business units and projects, but with an obvious admin resource time required to ensure this is undertaken diligently. By implementing the API we will now save a considerable amount of staff resource and time which can be allocated to other pressing needs and site tasks.”

Construction Group Sustainability Manager, Tony Grundy


The first waste contractors are now actively engaging and have really embraced the idea of using the API to provide value-added waste reporting services to their clients. It benefits both them as a waste contractor/broker, but most importantly of all provides the end client, Robertson, with reliable instant waste reporting without the need for any manual intervention or time spent by site staff. It will greatly enhance the accuracy of the waste data captured on site too, as well as its timeliness. The API also provides a mechanism for contractors to capture all essential records including relevant waste carrier and site licences for Duty of Care compliance for instant access and retrieval by the end client.

Currently, 10 Waste management contractors are using the API to insert data

Enhanced waste compliance and record keeping for client Duty of Care requirements

Improved data accuracy and integrity

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