Boon Building Services and YellowJacket

YellowJacket health and safety mobile app

boon building services logoyjThrough supplying high quality building solutions to both the public and private sectors Boon Building Services has found the YellowJacket tool to be a key addition to their health and safety practice. Not only due to YellowJacket fostering Boon Building Services’ mission to facilitate prosperity through creating the future, but also due to their collaboration throughout the industry supply chain with organisations already using YellowJacket.

What was the challenge?

“Our company has several projects at Heathrow with MACE being the principal contractor. We also have many contracts elsewhere and this number is growing, and we are working for this to grow even more.“

How did YellowJacket help?

“The Directors of our company recognised that YellowJacket is an excellent tool to monitor Health & Safety as they could instantly see which project managers were inspecting their sites and which were not.”

What were the outcomes?

“That the directors can not only monitor the work of the project managers but also other inspections from others too. YellowJacket also provides the capacity to monitor other necessities such as tool box talks, plant and PPE lists in fact the potential is endless.”  

Bob Sherwood, SHEQ Manager