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BW: Workplace Experts identify Scope 3 carbon emissions for all its
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BW: Workplace Experts’ ambitious Net Zero Carbon strategy presented several challenges that the implementation of SmartWaste was looking to solve. The breadth of data needed to report on their carbon footprint was extensive. Scope 3 emission reporting was of particular interest, as BW worked with specialist contractors on its projects. Ensuring that waste, waste transport, energy, water, materials and materials transport data was captured consistently for all projects was important. BW recognised the need to automate data integration where possible. Moving from a data capture environment that used spreadsheets was deemed essential to improve the quality and coverage of data. As a construction business BW fully understood its regulatory obligations to manage construction waste, and the financial benefit of landfill diversion. BW: Workplace Experts needed a way to help them monitor the carbon impact across all their construction projects.

The Process

BW have been SmartWaste customers for several years. Initially they looked for an environmental impact tool that had a construction focus and found SmartWaste. Several BW customers were working to achieve BREEAM certification on their projects and SmartWaste provided the necessary supporting evidence for the BREEAM schemes. The implementation has evolved to support BW’s ambitious
Net Zero Carbon commitments. As Steve Elliott, CEO of BW: Workplace Experts says, “Our intention is for BW to more closely represent the society in which we live, operate in a sustainable manner, and be truly innovative in terms of the materials, approaches and technology we use on our projects.” BW recognised the way to achieve their targets was in incremental steps, showing year-on-year improvement.


SmartWaste is providing BW with a solution that captures waste, waste transport, energy, water, materials and materials transport data reliably and consistently. It enables supply chain contractors to input their data, giving BW an aggregated perspective on their Scope 3 carbon emissions. SmartWaste is working with BW to automate the input of data via integration. Application programming interfaces
(APIs) have been implemented for waste/waste transport and materials/materials transport that have benefited both BW and their supply chain by reducing cost and increasing speed and accuracy. SmartWaste is giving BW confidence in their Net Zero Carbon ambitions. The solution is helping to define a carbon baseline for construction projects and a platform to record the actual carbon footprint of projects.



We want to use SmartWaste as the centre for carbon reporting.

Sara Lopez, Environmental & Sustainability Manager.


Next steps

BW have implemented further SmartWaste functionality to monitor environmental impacts across all their construction projects. As Sara Lopez, Environmental & Sustainability Manager for BW: Workplace Experts says, “We want to use SmartWaste as the centre for carbon reporting.” The system is not only used to capture data on construction waste but also its associated movement, energy and water usage, and materials and materials transport. BW are also
working towards a commitment to the Science Based Target initiative. SmartWaste is contributing to this commitment by establishing a carbon baseline, and helping BW deliver on its Scope 3 emission reporting obligations.

SmartWaste is an evolving environmental impact tool that is adapting to our demands to address climate change and helping BW’s commitment to Net Zero Carbon.

Sara Lopez, Environmental & Sustainability Manager.


About BW: Workplace Experts

BW: Workplace Experts is the UK’s largest independent fit out and refurbishment expert. It directly employs more than 170 specialist staff and achieved sales of £180 million in 2021. The company works internationally, collaborating and innovating with their sister companies in the US (HITT) and Australia (SHAPE). BW serves private and public sector customers across London and southern England providing high-quality workplaces.

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About SmartWaste

SmartWaste is the leading environmental social and governance (ESG) platform for the built environment. It supports net zero carbon, circularity or social value objectives and captures biodiversity, energy, materials, transport, waste
and water data.

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