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Mace is an international consultancy and construction company employing over 6,300 people across five global hubs. Since 1990 it has delivered world class projects and programs around the world.


Health and safety is firmly engrained in the Mace philosophy and it has set itself the challenge of building a world leading health and safety culture and the organisation needs a tool that would help achieve this aim. With a significant number of projects across the globe, communicating with contractors, managing its health, safety, quality and environmental data
across these projects and the supply chain was a huge challenge.


Mace uses YellowJacket (part of the BRE SmartSite’s suite of tools) throughout its operations and supply chain. To date over 400 Mace contractors are licensed to use it and it continues to be rolled out globally. Mace was keen to achieve a cost effective solution for Mace and its supply chain to enable them to manage HSEQ data effectively and more productively.The YellowJacket reporting feature provides Mace insights into trends of accidents and observations across its portfolio of projects, and down into the supply chain with live data at any given moment in time.


The tool produces a consistent global platform where all stakeholders throughout Mace and the supply chain add data. Gaining information across all contractors and subcontractors enables Mace to report and analyse key safety data and then to find opportunities for improvement more easily.
The YellowJacket mobile app also allows employees and contractors to easily input information on location, in real time. Reporting on the tool is designed to be as user friendly as possible giving a clear overview of health, safety, environmental and quality data throughout the business. By tackling health and safety conditions with the tool, Mace can enable a culture transformation by ensuring health and safety is firmly ingrained in Mace and their supply chain’s day to day business activities. By continually reducing risks across their shared undertaking, collectively they can better protect their people and stakeholders, by building a culture where safety first has no compromise. Every unsafe act or conditions identified, recorded and closed out on YellowJacket is an incident prevented.

“YellowJacket enables us to record, track, report and analyse all of our HSEQ data in one global platform. This provides a consistency of approach enabling significant improvements in data quality and visibility with efficiency of entry, reporting and analysis. Indirectly we also save time and thereby reduce costs, but perhaps most importantly we reduce injury and loss.”

Andy Brown,
Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Director.