The power of SmartWaste – taken further by API

Helping Recycling Lives automate their workflow with the SmartWaste API.


Recycling Lives is a unique waste management company that offers total waste management solutions and nationwide skip hire to companies in the construction industry.


Recycling Lives operated an existing waste data aggregation system via an online portal. Here waste data such as tonnage and type of waste and reuse, recycling, diversion from landfill and waste to energy rates was collated and made visible to clients.

“It’s been great working with the SmartSite team. Stuart Blofield has been a brilliant support – always contactable and very knowledgeable from a technical and end user perspective. His collaborative approach to supporting Recycling Lives to ensure that everything is working as it should to support our clients has been invaluable.”

Alisha Miller, Senior Account Manager

The system worked well for many of their clients. However, to support larger client’s, such as Robertson’s BREEAM-friendly reporting requirements, it was necessary to transfer data from the online portal into a csv format manually. There was a need to implement an API solution like BRE’s SmartWaste tool to automate this process, and make their business model scalable to support larger clients and to simplify and unify information sharing across clients’ sites and supply chains.

To support Robertson in meeting these requirements, Recycling Lives worked with BRE to integrate their existing system with the SmartWaste tool – creating a flow of data from their online portal into SmartWaste.


Implementing the SmartWaste API solution has supported Recyling Lifes to meet their clients’ needs and generated time efficiencies in their back office – reducing the amount of time their Administrative Team spends uploading data onto their online portal.

To facilitate implementation of the SmartWaste API, BRE SmartSite provided clear and simple documentation to enable the service to be put into operation quickly and efficiently. Recycling Lives are now exporting data via BRE’s SmartWaste tool into a csv format for many of their biggest clients on a regular basis. It has become the most used function of the SmartWaste tool within their business.


Use of BRE’s SmartWaste tool has enabled Recycling Lives to streamline their reporting processes, keeping data accurate and simplifying the generation of reports for clients. It has standardised reporting process and enabled live reporting on their online portal – which is sought after within the construction industry.

Automating the generation of reports in csv format also makes their business more scalable – since they are able to generate more reports for more clients in this format, while saving time and resources. This in turn has led to better engagement with clients as they can see that Recycling Lives have the ability to be adaptable to their needs.

“As data is driving the changes shaping our world, it is more and more important that we become more conversant in how to integrate data sets whilst we maintain our client centric focus. Working with BRE to facilitate this project has helped us to raise our profile with our clients and also to gain a better understanding of data
and reporting requirements across our client base.”

Alex Mercer, Bids and Tenders Manager

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