Take It To The NEXT Level


Headquartered in Enderby, Leicestershire, NEXT PLC is one of the largest British multinational retailers in clothing, footwear and home products. Its 500 stores in the UK make it a retailing giant.


Using incompatible computer software and telecommunications daily for reporting, NEXT found it difficult to view health and safety issues on a macro level often leading to incomplete or missing information. According to the company’s Head of Shopfitting Steve Middleton, “our staff had difficulty understanding the status of health and safety actions or an audit investigation and the follow-up procedures weren’t always clear. We needed a solution which captured communications in an ordered effective manner to monitor if certain issues had been resolved.”

Using the Solution

NEXT selected YellowJacket because its configurable modules allowed them to use it in a unique way that suited them. The solution allowed NEXT to capture real time incidents as well as auditing the opening of new stores. “We worked with BRE SmartSite to help us plan our implementation and
ensure we followed industry best practices. It was decided to implement YellowJacket by rolling it out to our subcontractors alongside some of our branches. We followed up with audits and inspections of stores allowing us to tackle issues where need be. The process was very quick and smooth.”

The Result

Now that they have integrated YellowJacket into their health and safety site management, NEXT has  an in-depth process for incident reporting and auditing. Furthermore, NEXT have taken advantage of the YellowJacket mobile functionality to help project managers quickly understand the status of health and safety actions whilst out on site. With customised tabs for actions, audits and inspections, Steve said “the tool has been extremely helpful, project managers can easily see which incidents are being investigated or need approval, and can effectively track snagging and health and safety issues on site”.

“The SmartSite team provided guidance and direction which facilitated a smooth implementation and were receptive to our immediate and future requirements.”

Head of Shopfitting, Steve Middleton