Construction waste management software and solutions, supporting Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs).

Construction Waste Management

SmartWaste Waste Management enables clients to measure, report on and manage waste generated on their construction sites, whether these waste materials are retained, reused on site, or sent for recycling and processing. Waste Managers, Site Managers and Environmental Managers will understand exactly what waste materials are being generated from project level, up through the corporate hierarchy to overall company level. With the information provided by SmartWaste these can then be targeted and reduced, resulting in environmental benefits as well as major cost savings.

Waste Management is ideal for maximising reuse and recycling of waste materials on site, as well as improving a company’s overall recycling rate and the diversion of waste from landfill. It also provides a comprehensive platform for managing compliance with Duty of Care waste regulations ensuring that all necessary evidence of waste carrier licences and environmental permits for waste facilities are in place and stored electronically for easy retrieval.

For organisations using Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP), SmartWaste supports preparation, implementation and review. It does this in nine easy steps: responsibilities, waste minimisation, forecasting of waste arising, waste management options, duty of care, training and communication, actual versus forecast waste performance, ongoing review of implementation, and a final completion review.

SmartWaste Waste Management provides…

  • Comprehensive reporting of construction, demolition and excavation waste.
  • A detailed breakdown of individual waste materials contained in each skip.
  • Waste data entry either online using a simple form, bulk data upload via an authenticated spreadsheet, or automatically via an API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Record all waste movements from site, including details such as waste carriers and destinations used, waste transfer note numbers, containers used, source generation phase, waste management route, volume and/or tonnage details, and types of waste.
  • Real time waste KPI at project and company level.
  • Automatic alignment to BREEAM to show how credit requirements have been achieved.

Benefits include

  • Provides a comprehensive platform for managing compliance with Duty of Care waste regulations.
  • Maximises reuse and recycling of waste materials on site, resulting in environmental benefits.
  • Improves a company’s overall recycling rate and the diversion of waste from landfill, generating major cost savings.

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