Easily access SmartWaste KPI data with the new API | Bresmartsite.com

Extracting KPI data with SmartWaste’s new API

Easily access SmartWaste KPI data with the new API | Bresmartsite.com

Many companies struggle to extract Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from their business systems. SmartWaste allows you to easily access KPIs at project, business unit, or company levels and use them in company business intelligence and reporting systems, such as Microsoft Power BI.


Why it matters…

SmartWaste's KPI reporting functionality | Bresmartsite.com

  • Save time and simplify the production of templated board or management reports
  • Focus on the KPIs that are important: tailored access to just what is needed
  • Save time interrogating SmartWaste data for ad-hoc data queries
  • Easily access SmartWaste KPI data to augment company-wide reporting


What’s new?


SmartWaste’s new Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to easily obtain SmartWaste KPI performance data. The API makes it quick and easy to regularly extract your data in the same format. The data is extracted ready for you manipulate and use in company business intelligence systems, such as Microsoft Power BI.

The KPI data out API is based around the KPI reporting functionality within SmartWaste. You have the flexibility to determine what KPI data you wish to export, including the individual KPI measures and the level of detail obtained, such as performance data for each project, for a total business unit, or for the whole company.


How does it work?


  • Identify SmartWaste as a data source in MS Power BI
  • Select what KPI data you want to pull into MS Power BI
  • Determine the individual KPI measures needed and the level of performance detail required: for each project, for a total business unit, or for the whole company


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