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SmartWaste will help you...

Improve records access

Control access to company and project information easily with secure multi-user access levels, 24/7 (where reliable internet access is available). You can manage Duty of Care waste management records to ensure compliance and accuracy of waste reporting with complete transparency and auditability.

Save time and money

Cut costs through targeted and achievable reductions in construction resource use and waste. Save time by storing all of your project info, waste records and other evidence in one secure location for instant access whenever and wherever you are.

Enhance performance management

Use KPIs to track and compare real-time project performance across multiple-impact areas. Allow users to measure other building site impacts. Use the SmartWaste Benchmark Calculator to estimate waste forecasts for new-build construction projects.

Reduce environmental impact

Reduce environmental impacts on your construction projects by cutting waste, improving building site management, and reducing energy, water, materials and transport use. For projects being BREEAM assessed, this can be tied in with relevant credits across these areas to maximise the BREEAM rating.

What SmartWaste has done for our users


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Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill

Why SmartWaste?

When it comes to your construction or demolition site environmental impacts, it’s important to understand where your project can be saving time and money, whilst improving performance and becoming more sustainable.

SmartWaste can be used across a supply chain, with organisations inputting building site data relevant to them, for the client or principal contractor to report and analyse, giving the vital information to identify trends and areas of improvement.

You can already record waste and other project impacts through SmartWaste, including water, energy, materials (eg. timber), etc. but it doesn’t stop there.

Based on feedback from our customers, the SmartWaste team have been busy developing several new modules which are now available to all our members, giving you even more areas to monitor, measure and report on than ever before.
These include:

  • Incident and Complaints
  • Ecological and Biodiversity
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme

These new modules will help our members meet the ever-increasing demands for project monitoring as well as the requirements of BREEAM New Construction standards.

How SmartWaste helps you keep on top

Waste Management
Water Management
Energy Management
Transport Management
Materials Management
Incidents, Complaints & Visits
Ecological Management

Waste Management

SmartWaste Waste Management enables clients to measure, report on and manage waste generated on their construction sites, whether these waste materials are retained, reused on site, or sent for recycling and processing.
SmartWaste Waste Management:

  • Provides a comprehensive platform for managing compliance with Duty of Care waste regulations.
  • Maximises reuse and recycling of waste materials on site, resulting in environmental benefits.
  • Improves a company’s overall recycling rate and the diversion of waste from landfill, generating major cost savings.

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Water management

Record data on water usage, whether sourced or recycled and reused, and consented water discharge to ground and surface water channels.
SmartWaste Water Management:

  • Target and reduce water consumption to reduce project costs.
  • Monitor water use, recycling, reuse and discharge to deliver environmental benefits
  • Compare water usage with UK construction sector water benchmarks

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Energy management

The SmartWaste Energy module allows users to record electricity, natural gas and fuel usage, then automatically calculate how much CO2 has been generated on your project.
SmartWaste Energy Management:

  • Reduce the CO2 footprint of a project and save cost
  • Set and monitor energy reduction targets to deliver environmental benefits
  • Compare energy performance with UK construction sector energy benchmarks

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Transport management

The Transport module tracks and records journeys, associated fuel usage, and related CO2 emissions for waste removed from site, materials delivered to site, and travel associated with staff and contractors.
SmartWaste Transport Management:

  • Focus on material sourcing and waste transportation to reduce journey times, fuel usage, and reduce cost
  • Understand travel and transport impacts, and improve your environmental processes.
  • Conform with carbon emissions Schemes and Standards.

Find out more about construction site transport management

Materials management

The SmartWaste Materials module tracks the purchase and use of certified and non-certified materials including timber, brick and block, structural steel, plasterboard, insulation, and many more.
SmartWaste Material Management:

  • Ensure the use of certified, sustainable materials on your projects to deliver environmental benefit.
  • Evidence sustainable choices to achieve BREEAM standards and Client expectations
  • Adhere to industry sustainability standards.

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Incidents, Complaints & Visits

Capture evidence related visits from regulatory and local authorities, internal environmental audits carried out by staff and/or third-party consultants, as well as any complaints or notices received from external parties, including the public.
SmartWaste Incidents, Complaints & Visits:

  • Ensure concerns and issues are captured and visible, to support site management and best practice.
  • Meet your compliance obligations to standards such as ISO14001
  • Ensure that actions relating to incidents and complaints are efficiently addressed, protecting your reputation with the broad community.

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Ecological & biodiversity management

The ecology and biodiversity module measures the impact of a construction project on the local habitat. Key site data is captured, including all ecology surveys undertaken, the planting and removal of trees on site, and the installation of bird and bat boxes. Comprehensive action plans can be created to manage all actions identified in ecology surveys.
SmartWaste Ecological & Biodiversity Management:

  • Ensure the local wildlife stays protected during your project.
  • Meet your ecological and biodiversity compliance obligations.
  • Evidence that actions identified in ecology surveys have been addressed.

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