SmartWate Training

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Implementation Workshop

The Implementation Workshop is designed both to set up YellowJacket and to engage the senior management and other key stakeholders with YellowJacket. It will cover both the wider legislative context and the functionality of YellowJacket from a management perspective.

The workshop would involve:

  • Working with your System Administrator to set up YellowJacket to reflect the organisational structure, project portfolio and suppliers.
  • A training session for up to ten key stakeholders to cover both the wider legislative context and the functionality of YellowJacket from a management perspective with a strong focus on analytics and reporting.

A typical Implementation Workshop lasts one day.

Super User Training Course

Enables people with responsibility for YellowJacket administration tasks to set up commissions and parameters, and add users to the system. Broken down into two sections, this course covers:

System administration

  • Adding Inspections, adding users, setting parameters and commission set up. (All attendees must bring their username, password, details of all users to be added and a copy of the weekly health and safety inspection that will be carried out on site.)

General user training on how to use the system on a daily/weekly basis on site:

  • Logging In
  • Scheduling and completing Inspections/audits
  • Recording and closing Incidents
  • Recording and closing Observations and actions
  • The full reporting system
  • The use of the YellowJacket mobile app

A typical System Administration Training Course lasts one day.

General User Training Course

Enables general users to master all the functions they need for their day-to-day jobs. User Training will teach employees how to use the tool with the emphasis on data entry, to ensure that this is of a consistent quality from the beginning.

Course content includes:

  • Creating records in the YellowJacket safety management system
  • Assigning and scheduling audits and inspections
  • Raising, assigning and closing out actions and observations
  • General safety management system functionality

A typical User Training Course lasts half a day.

Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer will provide the knowledge and skills transfer to enable the Client to deliver their own User Training. It will include the joint development of User Training materials.
A typical User Train the Trainer Course lasts two days.