Health and Safety Action Management

Whether a structured inspection or audit, or ad-hoc observation, YellowJacket enables remedial actions to be raised and allocated to the responsible party. Importantly, YellowJacket communicates these actions and monitors progress.

Captured evidence is associated with each action, such as photographs or annotated site plans and diagrams. If incorrectly allocated, actions can be reassigned or rejected. When the recipient has completed the action YellowJacket notifies the originator, and takes them through a simple close-out process.

Once captured, these actions can be easily monitored and policed. The management system will keep you informed of what is outstanding, and what is overdue.

The YellowJacket Action Management capability provides a range of reports to help you ensures issues are effectively resolved, including: Actions by Organisation, Observation Type, and Actions Closed Out on Time.

YellowJacket Action Management provides…

  • Allocate actions to whoever is responsible for their resolution.
  • Prioritise actions based upon their severity and potential consequences.
  • Communicate what actions need to be addressed, and monitor progress across your supply chain.
  • Evidence each action with supporting photographs and annotated site plans and diagrams.
  • Control the reassignment or rejection of actions, so that no action is missed
  • Manage actions through to resolution and close-out. Always know what is outstanding, and what is overdue.
Benefits include

  • Always ensure and evidence safety and quality compliance by effective action management.
  • Reduce the time taken to raise and resolve actions, across your Supply Chain.
  • Identify repeatedly recalcitrant contractors and operatives, and enforce remedial action.

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How YellowJacket helps you keep on top

YellowJacket provides a digital framework to support your Health & Safety strategies, and engender positive behavioural change in your workforce.

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