Incident Management & Near Miss Reporting with YellowJacket

Incident Management & Near Miss Reporting


Incident management software and near miss reporting solutions

YellowJacket Incident Management software provides near miss reporting and management of personal injury and damage to property and the environment.

Investigations are managed through YellowJacket, enabling the collection of evidence such as witness statements, photographs, specialist reports and other supporting documentation, for comphresneisve incident management.

Remedial actions can be instigated in the Incident Management process, and allocated to the responsible party. YellowJacket maintains the status of these actions and enables progress to be monitored and reported on.

YellowJacket provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to support your incident management and near miss reporting processes. Near miss reporting is user friendly, providing a situation summary with detail drill-down, and trend analysis that supports your mitigation and avoidance strategies. The range of reports available include: Incidents by Organisation, Cause, and Accident Categories, Accident Incident Rates, Accident Frequency Rates and Accident Severity Rates.

YellowJacket Incident Management & Near Miss Reporting provides

  • Near miss recording alongside incidents resulting in injury, damage to property and to the environment.
  • Effective incident management and evidence management.
  • Identify and implement change that eliminates or mitigates the risk of incidents.
  • Ensure remedial actions are effectively implemented
  • Report on trends across your organisation

YellowJacket Incident Management & Near Miss Reporting benefits include

  • Effect positive behavioural change and prevent incidents.
  • Protect the reputation of your organisation, with effective incident management and incident visibility across the operation.
  • Reduce the cost and disruption caused by accidents and incidents.

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Incident Management & Near Miss Reporting with YellowJacket
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YellowJacket provides a digital framework to support your Health & Safety strategies, and engender positive behavioural change in your workforce.

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