Yellow Jacket is the construction health and safety software, that supports construction HSE and helps you realise construction site health and safety benefits

YellowJacket: construction health and safety software.

Monitoring and reporting for  construction health and safety on site.

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Drive behavioral change to improve construction health and safety outcomes

Effect positive behavioural change


YellowJacket helps your workforce follow safety protocols, encourages safer behaviours and ensures appropriate and timely action, to drive construction health and safety on site.

Using construction health and safety software makes you more productive

Enhance your productivity


Using health and safety software means that protocols and actions are addressed promptly, not only reducing injury but also improving performance and quality outcomes.

Know who's responsible for what in your construction health and safety strategy

Mange your responsibilities


YellowJacket ensures that remedial actions are allocated to whoever is responsible, and helps you manage these through to an effective resolution, creating a more cohesive strategy for construction health and safety.

YellowJacket health and safety software gives you valuable insights for construction health and safety

Inform your
safety strategies


YellowJacket health and safety software turns captured data into instructive insight, helping identify areas for improvement, evidence trends and focus day-to-day management on strategic goals and objectives.

What YellowJacket has done for our users


Near miss incidents reported


Observations of good practice achieved

Why YellowJacket?


When it comes to monitoring and reporting of quality, health, safety and processes on construction sites, saving time, saving money, improving performance and ultimately saving lives is a fundamental desire.

By adopting YellowJacket construction health and safety software and fully integrating it within your organisations culture and throughout your supply chain, it is possible to achieve real improvements to your construction health and safety and quality management outcomes, both on site and beyond.

YellowJacket drives positive change in construction health and safety. The capabilities of our health and safety software will help users not only achieve the above but also assist with the demands of project monitoring and reporting, which is designed to be as user friendly as possible –giving you an ‘at a glance’ overview of health, safety and quality across your projects.


Easy data inputting through the YellowJacket health and safetyapp
The YellowJacket mobile app allows employees and contractors on your site to easily input information relating to health, safety and quality – meaning data is captured ‘as it happens’, rather than staff waiting to get back to a computer. This allows you to monitor the most up to date construction health and safety data.  Find out more about the health and safety app.

Reporting options to help spot trends & make improvements
Reporting on the tool is designed to be as user friendly as possible, providing an ‘at a glance’ overview of health, safety and quality across your projects. This helps you drive forward your construction health and safety strategy.


How YellowJacket helps you keep on top


Click on the icons below to learn more about each of the YellowJacket modules.

Audits and inspections
Action management
Incident management
Supply chain management
Mobile app

Audits and inspections

Deliver pre-configured audits that enable you to rate and compare performance over time, across projects, work activity, location or whatever business defined organisational structures are applicable. Complete inspections of sites and assets in real-time, either on an ad-hoc basis, or via individual allocation and advance scheduling.

  • Document evidence of compliance for all your stakeholders: your business, supply chain, and regulatory authorities.
  • Ensure audits & inspections are completed on time and consistently across your operational activities.
  • Improve your safety & quality performance through identification of trends and the prompt resolution of actions.

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Action management

Whether from an audit, inspection, or ad-hoc observation, raise and allocate
actions on those responsible, and monitor and manage these through to resolution and positive outcomes.

  • Always ensure and evidence safety and quality compliance by effective action management.
  • Reduce the time taken to raise and resolve actions, across your Supply Chain.
  • Identify repeatedly recalcitrant contractors and operatives, and enforce remedial action.

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Incident and near-miss management

Capture and record not only incidents of personal injury, damage to property and the environment,but also near-misses. Manage and document investigations, root cause analysis andremedial actions.

  • Effects positive behavioural change and prevents incidents reoccurring.
  • Protects the reputation of your organisation, with incident visibility across the operation.
  • Reduces the cost and disruption caused by accidents and incidents.

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Supply chain management

Enable your contractors and suppliers to contribute to and participate in your safety strategies: helping to identify concerns and assist with the associated resolution.

  • Involve your Supply Chain to deliver your safety, environmental and quality strategies.
  • Gain insight of the behaviour and performance of your contractors and suppliers.
  • Enhance the availability, quality and consistency of information to inform your decision making.

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allocate future work such as audits, inspections or leadership tours to assist your management workforce in organising and understanding their responsibilities.

    • Ensure that specific audits and inspections are completed in a timely fashion.
    • Simply identify when audits or inspections are not been completed.
    • Help your workforce know what future activities need to be done, and by when.

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Mobile app

Make observations, raise actions, complete audits and inspections from your mobile device,whether on- or off-line.

  • Capture safety, environmental and quality data on site, eliminating delays and errors, thereby improving quality and reducing cost.
  • Simplify observations, audits, inspections and action management, encouraging positive safety behaviours
  • Raise concerns and issues quickly, and speed the resolution process.

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Information and Analytics Dashboard Deporting

Gain insight on construction site performance against Key Performance Indicators to better manage and deliver on your safety strategies. Access a range of reporting capabilities tailored to your individual needs and data, unlocking more informed decision making.

  • Improve the understanding and analysis of information through graphical visualisation, and enhance business decision making.
  • Gain an understanding of performance and the overall situation, from one source.
  • Drill into the detail behind the Dashboard to better understand specific concerns and issues.

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Encourage all the workforce to actively follow safety protocols and feel empowered to raise and address safety concerns.

  • Use the action management process to ensure that accountability and responsibility are clearly identified.
  • Embed your safety practices, terminology and priorities in the audit and inspection templates you create.
  • Enable all your workforce to raise their safety concerns quickly and simply.

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YellowJacket case studies


Read some of our partners’ case studies, to find out how the YellowJacket health and safety software is used to improve processes and efficiency and drive positive change in construction health and safety.

Out with the old in with the new

Out with the old in with the new

Helping Gratte Brothers improve data quality around safety performance ...
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Helping Mace stay safe

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