Health and Safety  site monitoring and reporting software.

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YellowJacket will help you...

Effect positive behavioural change

From saving time to lives the tool enables your workforce to follow your safety and quality procedures and protocols. The easy reporting of concerns and potential issues encourages safer behaviours and ensures that appropriate action is taken.

Enhance your productivity

A smart way to save time and save lives, whilst improving performance and quality outcomes: across your construction projects, your properties, your business, and your supply chain.

Encourage responsibility

Actions generated through observation can be clearly allocated to those responsible, across your supply chain. YellowJacket monitors and helps you manage these actions, and ensures that the issues identified, whether associated with quality assurance or health & safety, are effectively addressed.

Gain insight and knowledge

Easily identify outstanding and overdue actions, spot areas for improvement and evidence ongoing trends; all with simple, visual reporting and a management dashboard. This insight supports effective, day-to-day management and informs your Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality strategies.

What YellowJacket has done for our users


Near miss incidents reported


Observations of good practice achieved

Why YellowJacket?

Make it easier to save timesave moneyimprove performance and ultimately, save lives through effective monitoring and reporting of quality, health, safety and processes through adopting YellowJacket.
Companies adopting YellowJacket health and safety software into their culture and throughout their supply chain have seen real improvements to their health, safety and quality management on construction sites and beyond.

Easy data inputting through the YellowJacket health and safety mobile app
The YellowJacket mobile app allows employees and contractors on your site to easily input information relating to health, safety and quality – meaning data is captured ‘as it happens’, rather than staff waiting to get back to a computer. Find out more about the health and safety app.

Reporting options to help spot trends & make improvements
Reporting on the tool is designed to be as user friendly as possible – giving you an ‘at a glance’ overview of health, safety and quality across your projects.

How YellowJacket helps you keep on top

Audits and inspections
Action management
Incident management
Supply chain management
Process Improvement
Mobile app
Information and analytics

Audits and inspections

YellowJacket enables you to quickly and efficiently complete audits and inspections to support your safety and quality processes. Audits and inspections can be completed on the Mobile App or in the Web Portal.  Questions can be structured on processes, work packages and asset types, using your terminology.
YellowJacket Audits & Inspections:

  • Document evidence of compliance for all your stakeholders: your business, supply chain, and regulatory authorities.
  • Ensure audits & inspections are completed on time and consistently across your operational activities.
  • Improve your safety & quality performance through identification of trends and the prompt resolution of actions.

Find out more about health and safety audits and inspections

Action management

Whether from an audit or inspection, or ad-hoc observation, YellowJacket enables actions to be raised, allocated, monitored, resolved and managed. The system captures all actions and will keep you informed of what is outstanding, and what is overdue.
Yellowjacket Action Management:

  • Always ensure and evidence safety and quality compliance by effective action management.
  • Reduce the time taken to raise and resolve actions, across your Supply Chain.
  • Identify repeatedly recalcitrant contractors and operatives, and enforce remedial action.

Find out more about health and safety action management

Incident and near-miss management

YellowJacket records near-misses, and incidents of personal injury, damage to property and the environment. Subsequent investigations are managed and evidenced through the system. Where appropriate remedial actions can be instigated, and progress monitored.
YellowJacket Incident & Near-Miss Management:

  • Effects positive behavioural change and prevents incidents reoccurring.
  • Protects the reputation of your organisation, with incident visibility across the operation.
  • Reduces the cost and disruption caused by accidents and incidents.

Find out more about health and safety incident management

Supply chain management

Your contractors and suppliers can contribute to and participate in your YellowJacket Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality system. Observations, Audits and Inspections are applicable across your entire Supply Chain. The data captured will be consistent from contractor to contractor, supplier to supplier, providing informed analysis and comparative information.

  • Involve your Supply Chain to deliver your safety, environmental and quality strategies.
  • Gain insight of the behaviour and performance of your contractors and suppliers.
  • Enhance the availability, quality and consistency of information to inform your decision making.

Find out more about supply chain management

Process improvement

The YellowJacket Process Improvement Tool enables you to capture data related to time spent on non-value-added activities. The evidence collected supports accurate analysis and, in combination with Lean Construction Improvement methodologies, helps design efficient and productive construction processes, and develops a Sustainable Improvement Culture.

  • Use real-world evidence to develop a robust and achievable Sustainable Improvement Culture.
  • Reduce the time spent on non-value-added activities, and increase productivity and profitability.
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the delivery of work packages.

Find out more about construction site process improvement

Mobile app

The YellowJacket Mobile App allows employees and contractors on your site to quickly and easily input data relating to health, safety and quality. Wherever you are, and whatever device you’re on, you can carry out audits and inspections, make observations, raise and resolve actions. Even if you are not connected to WiFi or a cellular data network, you can continue to use the App and complete your work.

  • Capture safety, environmental and quality data on site, eliminating delays and errors, thereby improving quality and reducing cost.
  • Simplify observations, audits, inspections and action management, encouraging positive safety behaviours
  • Raise concerns and issues quickly, and speed the resolution process.

Find out more about the YellowJacket mobile health and safety app

Information & analytics

Easily gain valuable insight on performance, from the YellowJacket Management Dashboard.  Spot trends and review your Key Performance Indicators. And when you need more detail, ‘drill-down’ into the transactional data.

  • Improve the understanding and analysis of information through graphical visualisation, and enhance business decision making.
  • Gain an understanding of performance and the overall situation, from one source.
  • Drill into the detail behind the Dashboard to better understand specific concerns and issues.

Find out more about information and analytics

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