YellowJacket uses construction inspection software, health and safety audit software, and construction audit software.

Construction Site Audits & Inspections


Manage your construction site audits and inspections efficiently

YellowJacket enables you to quickly and efficiently complete H&S audits and inspections, in real-time. Audits and inspections can be undertaken on an ad-hoc basis, allocated to specific individuals, and scheduled up to 3 months in advance.

Your safety and quality processes, and the specific questions that you need answers for, can be represented in audits and inspections. Questions can be structured on processes, work packages and asset types, using terminology that you are familiar with.

Audits and inspections can record positive or negative observations against several topics including: environmental, occupational health, process improvement, safety, property, quality, and security.
Areas of interest or concern can be pin-pointed on site plans and diagrams, and evidenced with photographs.

Whether positive or negative, multiple actions can be associated with each observation. Actions are allocated in audits and inspections to whoever is responsible for their resolution.

The YellowJacket Audit & Inspection capability provides a range of reports to help you manage safety and quality: Audit & Inspection Scorecards, Schedule Compliance, Observation by Performance Category, and Director’s Safety Tours.

YellowJacket Audits & Inspections provide…

  • Quickly and efficiently complete audits and inspections, with captured data available in real-time,
  • Manage tasks effectively, scheduling audits and inspections,
  • Structure your audits and inspections on your processes, work packages and asset types,
  • Raise and allocate actions on positive and negative observations, to whomever is responsible.
  • Evidence your audit and inspection observations with annotated site plans, diagrams, and supporting photographs.
  • Report across your Company, Regional and/or Divisional structures, Projects and Supply Chain.

Benefits include

  • Document evidence of compliance for all your stakeholders: your business, supply chain, and regulatory authorities.
  • Ensure audits & inspections are completed on time and consistently across your operational activities.
  • Improve your safety & quality performance through identification of trends and the prompt resolution of actions.

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YellowJacket provides a digital framework to support your Health & Safety strategies, and engender positive behavioural change in your workforce.

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