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Site Waste Management Plans

Site Waste Management Plans | SmartWaste

Construction business has never been more complex. Not only must you demonstrate quality and value for money, but you must also balance that with being a sustainable, planet friendly project. Construction is a major consumer of resources and producer of waste, taking almost a third of landfill annually.


So, what can you do?

Developing and implementing a site waste management plan (SWMP) for a construction project is a proven way to demonstrate your sustainability credentials. If you are delivering a BREEAM project you are likely to have to develop a SWMP. Similarly it may also be required by the local planning authority.

SmartWaste provides a management tool to help you build your SWMP and implement it on your project. It covers all the necessary steps: identifying responsibilities, waste minimisation plans, forecasting and waste management options, through your Duty-of-Care obligations, training and communication, to measuring actual performance against the forecast and the ongoing review of your plan.

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Why implement site waste management plan SWMP?

So, if you are not compelled, why would you consider implementing a SmartWaste SWMP? Our customers better understand how their waste is managed. They are able to appreciably reduce waste disposal costs and save time by forward planning. The SWMP provides useful information for future projects enabling alternative and more effective resource usage and waste management. It also provides the evidence that proves your environmental and sustainability credentials. A SmartWaste SWMP helps win business and pays for itself.

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