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What is SmartSite KPIs?

Key performance indicators (otherwise known as KPIs) are metrics that measure how effectively a project is performing against its goals and strategic objectives. KPI are therefore used to track progress and performance.

SmartSite KPIs is an online tool that uses construction KPIs to perform construction benchmarking. This lets you compare the performance of your projects across our 120+ construction KPIs against the rest of the construction industry. The tool uses the established and nationally recognised Constructing Excellence construction KPIs. By measuring and comparing your project and organisational performance you can improve your productivity and demonstrate excellence.

SmartSite KPIs has been developed in collaboration with Constructing Excellence. The construction KPIs used are guided by the strategic direction of its cross-industry membership, with the aim of improve construction benchmarking.

Constructing excellence's construction KPIs enable construction benchmarking with SmartSite

SmartSite KPIs Benefits and Features

Established construction KPIs to enable construction benchmarking with SmartSite

Use established KPIs

The Constructing Excellence set of construction KPIs have been used for 20 years, and are recognised by government and industry as the construction benchmarking standard.

Construction KPIs improve performance and enable construction benchmarking

Improve performance

Using construction KPIs enables you to systematically improve your performance by measuring business critical success factors and comparing with others

Construction KPIs enable construction benchmarking to demonstrate your performance and excellence

Demonstrate excellence

Construction KPIs enable construction benchmarking against the industry, providing evidence that your projects and organisation perform highly

construction KPIs provide data intelligence and construction benchmarking with SmartSite

Data intelligence

Construction KPIs allow you to compare performance data from your projects and organisation using a modern digital tool and a recognised methodology for construction benchmarking

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