SmartSite KPIs

Performance measurement and productivity software

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SmartSite KPIs is an online tool that lets you benchmark the performance of your projects against the rest of the construction industry using the established and nationally recognised Constructing Excellence construction KPIs. By measuring and comparing your project and organisational performance you can improve your productivity and demonstrate excellence.

SmartSite KPIs has been developed in collaboration with Constructing Excellence under the strategic direction of its cross-industry membership.

SmartSite KPIs Benefits and Features

Use established KPIs

The Constructing Excellence set of construction KPIs have been used for 20 years, and are recognised by government and industry

Improve performance

Systematically improve your performance by measuring business critical success factors and comparing with others

Demonstrate excellence

Provide evidence that your projects and organisation perform highly when compared to the rest of the industry

Data intelligence

Benchmark performance data from your projects and organisation using a modern digital tool and a recognised methodology

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