Karen Perry

Karen Perry

As part of Karen’s many roles in the Building Performance team she provides day to day assistance with project management. This includes providing data reports and feedback to the SiteSmart Team. Karen also forms part of our internal audit team and works on ensuring our processes align with group procedures and policies and supports our compliance … Continue reading “Karen Perry”

Amanda Holt photo

Amanda Holt

The development and improvement of our SmartWaste product is managed by Amanda. By analysing customer needs and impacts and developing pathways for product development Amanda holds a unique understanding of how SmartWaste can best serve construction professionals. Amanda works closely with the technical team in reviewing the best means of enhancing the product, ensuring our digital … Continue reading “Amanda Holt”

Harriet Cooper photo

Harriet Cooper

As a BRE Graduate working with the Building Futures Group Harriet has collaborated with a number of our team to help create our SiteSmart website. Harriet continues to contribute to the ongoing progression and update of our platform through the development of projects such as environmental tool cross-over mapping; aiming to establish potential for user tool collaboration … Continue reading “Harriet Cooper”

Zainab Al-Haidary

As a certified professional JAVA developer specialising in web application, mobile cross-platform programming and API development Zainab has worked heavily on the SmartWaste software. Through analysis of user requirements and system functionality Zainab is able to continuously design and develop user interfaces and address product software problems within the tool.

Carolyn Russell photo

Carolyn Russell

Through qualitative and quantitative research Carolyn generates a unique insight that dives product development and informs strategy across BRE. Carolyn engages directly with our customers and our SiteSmart team giving her a platform to best understand the industry needs and translate this into coordinated efforts from the rest of the team. This enables factors such … Continue reading “Carolyn Russell”

Shahid Mirza photo

Shahid Mirza

In his role as User Interface Designer, Shahid designs and manages the workings of the SiteSmart platform. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience he has brought the SiteSmart vision for a unified software user platform to life with the creation of SiteSmart, streamlining the efforts of other team members in collating our software products under … Continue reading “Shahid Mirza”

Margaret Curtis photo

Mags Curtis

Mags has overseen a variety of project administration and financial roles throughout her time at BRE. As part of the Operations Team Mags provides assistance with day to day project management duties. This includes working with management and project managers, setting up projects and providing finance related reports and data to the SiteSmart team. 

Breege Reynolds

As part of Breege‘s many roles in the Building Performance team she provides day to day assistance with project management. This includes providing data reports and feedback to the SiteSmart Team.  Breege undertakes the reporting on Building Performance Group Operations Team, ensuring communication and collaboration opportunities are efficient and open.

Cris Abraham photo

Cris Abraham

In his role as a JAVA developer, Cris oversees technical architecture of web applications, APIs, databases and works extensively on SmartWaste. Working with a team of developers, he analyses new development requirements on SmartWaste, designs and develops application and data structures to meet those requirements.