What is YellowJacket?

Construction site monitoring and reporting software

YellowJacket is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for managing quality, environmental, process and health and safety performance. The system has been designed to help organisations understand performance, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations, processes and procedures. Performance management can be implemented across projects, organisations and down through a company’s supply chain.

YellowJacket improves performance management by capturing structured activity data and making it simple to report on, helping identify hazards and analyse trends to reduce accidents, minimise lost time and improve site productivity.

An organisation is able to run YellowJacket through their supply chain so that common methods of working can be applied, and data can be captured consistently. This gives an organisation confidence that their safety, environmental and quality protocols are being applied, and that their regulatory obligations and corporate responsibilities are being met.

Importantly the system ensures that all remedial actions generated as a result of non-compliance are allocated to the organisation and individual responsible, and then monitored and managed through to resolution. The YellowJacket action management process is comprehensive, determining the severity and target resolution times, and enabling reassignment where needed.

YellowJacket has a powerful capability to collect and analyse information and deliver reports that reflect real business performance in real-time. It improves project-wide health and safety on site by protecting staff and operatives, monitoring the performance of the supply chain, managing health, safety, environmental and quality information, and tracking the status of actions and events.

Major construction organisations mandate the use of YellowJacket throughout their supply chains. These organisations use YellowJacket to capture health and safety, quality and environmental observations, undertake audits, record inspections and log incidents and near-misses on all their construction sites. To date YellowJacket has recorded over 4,600 near missed incidents and over 315,000 examples of good practice observations, on over 1,000 construction sites.

Information is presented via a graphical dashboard and various reports. An organisation can select how they want to analyse and segment data, at company and project levels, and over time to provide in-depth trend analysis. Example reports provided by YellowJacket include:

  1. Actions by Observation Type – to identify key safety trends on the project.
  2. Actions by Organisation – to identify key action types raised per contractor on site.
  3. Audit and Inspection scorecards– Summary of inspections completed.
  4. Injury Frequency, Incident and Severity Rates – showing reported incidents over 12 months.

Another feature of YellowJacket is the Process Improvement tool. The tool captures process improvement opportunities (i.e. an activity that is not adding value, such as Non-Conformances, Defects, Delays and Inefficient Working). The benefits of using YellowJacket’s Process Improvement include:

  • The capturing of site data related to time spent on non-value-added activities.
  • Identify and target improvement areas for greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Created in line with well-known Lean Construction Principles and categorises process inefficiencies into eight lean wastes.

The need for process improvement can be defined as follows:

Within the construction sector, industry wide studies have been undertaken and show that few construction sites have greater labour and process efficiency than 50%, meaning that more than half the time spent in the construction process is adding no or little value.

For clients who have used YellowJacket, the tool has enabled a transformation of culture by ensuring health and safety is firmly ingrained within their organisation and day to day business activities.