SmartWaste and BREEAM New Construction |

SmartWaste and BREEAM New Construction

SmartWaste helps customers manage their duty-of-care and compliance obligations, support their Net Zero Carbon strategies and report on Environmental, Social and Governance commitments. An intended consequence is that Construction Waste Management (Wst 01), Responsible Construction Practices (Man 03) and Material Efficiency (Mat 06) issues are addressed.

SmartWaste delivers social value

SmartWaste and Social Value

SmartWaste is BRE’s environmental and sustainability monitoring and management solution. It provides centralised data collection and validation capabilities that help construction, refurbishment and demolition companies deliver on their ESG reporting needs.

Pre-demolition Audit | CEEQUAL

SmartWaste Pre-demolition Audits

Construction’s focus on sustainable and efficient building practices has encouraged the application of circular economy thinking. Increasingly, new construction or refurbishment projects need to demonstrate, at design and planning stages, how waste reuse and reduction are going to be prioritised.

SmartWaste Version 10

Exciting new features and enhancements have been added in the SmartWaste V10 release. These additions further enrich SmartWaste capabilities for ESG reporting.

Easily access SmartWaste KPI data with the new API |

Extracting KPI data with SmartWaste’s new API

Many companies struggle to extract Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from their business systems. SmartWaste allows you to easily access KPIs at project, business unit, or company levels and use them in company business intelligence and reporting systems, such as Microsoft Power BI.