How can I enter recycling/recovery rates given to me by my waste contractor?

Waste management contractors/carriers and their waste destinations (facilities/sites e.g. transfer station) have to be added at the company level first. Once the waste contractor has been added, a waste destination can be created underneath it for which you can then enter recycling rates. These can be added by time periods as one overall figure for the waste destination and by rates for specified waste types. If you know the split between the amount recycled and amount sent for energy recovery, you can record this too.
To do this, go to the “Contractors” tab at the company level and select “Waste management contractors” from the left hand menu. Click on “View” next to the relevant contractor name then in the “Waste facility/site details” section, next to the relevant waste destination, click on “Add recovery rate”. Click the “Add” button on the screen that appears and then enter your recycling and/or recovery rates and click “Save”.