How do I add a new project? I can’t see the ‘add new project’ button.

Each SmartWaste user has a specific user permission level which determines what activities you can undertake to find out what user level you click on the ‘Welcome’ button in the top right hand corner. Only super users ad company admin users will be able to see an ‘add new project’ button on the company homepage. Clicking on the button will bring up a form to complete with details about the new project, allowing the project to be created.
If your user permission level is not super user or company admin please contact a user of this level to set up the project for you (you can find your company’s super user by clicking on the ‘Welcome’ button on the top right of the screen and looking at the ‘My Company’ information.
When filling out the ‘add new project’ form, it won’t let me save it, a box appears saying ‘project value must contain a number’. Why does it ask this when I have entered a value in the project value/cost field?
The project value/cost field can only contain a number. If you have entered any punctuation such as commas or £ sign, please remove these and try saving again; it should then save okay.