I have added a new user, why can’t they access their project?

Additional users can be added at different points depending on how your account is structured e.g. multi-tier/level account or standard/single tier account. Once users have been added, you need to give them access to the tiers and projects they will be working on.
For multi-tier/level accounts: These accounts include a group level at the top, followed by management unit levels and/or business unit levels and then projects beneath the lowest tier. Users can be set up at any tier/level. If you set up a user at the top tier, then you will need to assign the user to every tier below that they need to access. If the user permission is lower than company admin user level, then they will also need to be assigned to specific projects.
For a standard/single tier account: These accounts have a single company level and then projects beneath this. Company admin level users can access all projects in this account. However, for users with permission level lower than company admin, you will need to assign them to specific projects.
To assign users to a tier (e.g. business unit level or management unit level): From the “Users” tab at the business unit/management unit homepage click on the “Users” tab and then click “Assign users” button to select which users to assign to the tier.
To assign one user to multiple projects: From the tier/company homepage, click on the “Users” tab and then click “Edit” next to the relevant user in the user list. On the page that appears scroll to the “Assigned projects” section which lists all the projects that this user is assigned to. Click on the “Assign” button and tick which projects you wish to assign the user to and click “Save”.
To assign one or more users to one project: From the project dashboard you can assign multiple users to that project. Click on the “Assigning” tab. From the left hand menu click “Users” or click the “Assign” button within the “Users” pod on the page. This will bring up a list of all the users on your account, select the users you want to assign to the project by ticking the box next to their name and clicking ”Save”.