SmartWaste Version 10

SmartWaste Version 10 Release


SmartWaste is BRE’s environmental and sustainability monitoring and management solution. It provides centralised data collection and validation capabilities that help construction, refurbishment and demolition operations deliver on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting needs.

Working together with our customers, exciting new features and enhancements have been added in the SmartWaste V10 release. These additions further enrich SmartWaste capabilities for ESG reporting.


Carbon reporting for Scopes 1, 2 & 3 – We have updated carbon reporting on scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions using the latest UK Government greenhouse gas reporting emission conversion factors. These conversion factors will automatically be applied to project data for energy use, water use, transport, materials and/or waste to calculate carbon impacts. Reporting on your carbon emission scopes is then easily achieved through our KPI report.


New Social Value module – Easily set measures, financial (proxy) values, KPIs and targets, capture data, and analyse and report on the social value impacts for your projects, business units or whole company. The SmartWaste social value module enables alternative approaches and non-financial priorities to be compared to determine whether a project meets stakeholder needs.


HVO added to the Energy module – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) has been added to the fuel types along with its associated carbon emissions factors to enable data capture and reporting for HVO fuel use.



Additional Vehicle Types added to the Transport module – Modes of transport have been expanded to include walking, cycling and more choices on the size of car used.



Waste module enhancements – Several additions have been made to the waste module including new Waste Types, updating the Waste Types & Routes report and the Energy CO2e report, and making submitted API data easily identifiable.


More information about SmartWaste Version 10 can be found in the release notes (here), available on the SmartSite website.



SmartWaste delivers several benefits to construction, refurbishment and demolition operations including:

Enhanced reputation, brand and stakeholder relationships

  • Demonstrate environmental and sustainability improvements and actual performance against Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emission targets.
  • Recognise which value chain suppliers contribute towards climate actions and objectives.
  • Understand and manage potential climate change risks: in biodiversity, energy, materials, waste and water.
  • Demonstrate how their actions are positively impacting the local community.
  • Recognise who in the supply chain contributes towards social value objectives.

Increase sales and encourage customer loyalty

  • Evidence low emission construction practices, efficient use of materials, energy and water, and waste recycling/repurposing to meet the increasing customer demand for climate efficient services and buildings.
  • Evidence socially aware construction practices that win business and encourage repeat stakeholder engagement.

Lower costs

  • Using SmartWaste to help reduce GHG emissions is likely to result in greater operational efficiency and cost savings (e.g. a reduction in energy consumption).
  • Improve data capture accuracy and reliability and reduce complexity and process inefficiencies.

Drive innovation

  • Understanding your GHG baseline and setting ambitious climate action targets based upon SmartWaste insight and tools can help incentivise supply chain management and product design innovation.

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