Maylim achieves its sustainability and environmental goals with support from SmartWaste

SmartWaste provided Maylim with a solution to record and interrogate data to ensure good environmental performance, which is one of its core values.


Maylim aspires to be an industry leader in environmental performance and sustainable consumption. To achieve this Maylim needed a platform to record its Scope 1 and 2 fuel and waste usage and carbon emissions. Implementing SmartWaste into the day to day running of projects provides a mechanism to record consumption and environmental performance and identify areas for improvement. Maria Troy, Quality and Compliance Manager at Maylim, said, “Maylim implemented SmartWaste in 2019 to start our journey to reduce the negative impacts on the environment caused by our operations. The platform provides a comprehensive and accurate source to record and interrogate our data”.


• A comprehensive and accurate source to record and
interrogate data
• Streamlines environmental performance reporting
• Data supports Maylim on setting short, medium
and long-term objectives
• A measure of resource use and sustainable

The Process

Good environmental performance and the priorities
emerging from COP26 require positive solutions. Maylim wanted to be ahead of the game and has already been using SmartWaste for two and a half years. By establishing a robust and accurate baseline using SmartWaste, Maylim has been able to interrogate the data and has set a number of short, medium and long-term objectives. The access to data and trends has enabled Maylim to identify specific focus areas for improvement. For example, fuel usage data has prompted the search for alternative and more sustainable fossil fuel-free solutions to fuel Maylim’s plant and equipment.

Accurate reporting on carbon emissions is helping Maylim set and achieve its sustainability and CO2 reduction objectives. Recording the materials used on its projects in SmartWaste provides clearer and more representative data to inform its sustainable construction policies and advise clients accordingly.
Maylim’s core values include a duty to ensure good
environmental performance in all business operations.
In June 2021, Maylim introduced its Environmental and
Sustainable Construction Policy Statements.

SmartWaste provides us with real time data to monitor and improve Maylim’s environmental performance. Since deploying the platform, Maylim has exceeded its targets and it will become a
central tool to quantify Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and achieve the organisation’s net zero carbon aspirations. Maylim has regular contact with the SmartWaste team, who are consistently helpful and responsive.

Maria Troy, Quality & Compliance Manager.


As a result of using SmartWaste, Maylim has been able to
improve its environmental focus to ensure its alignment
with industry standards. The platform has helped Maylim
identify a baseline from which meaningful objectives for
improvements can be set. SmartWaste data is also
helping Maylim exceed on its waste diversion from
landfill target of 94%, as it is now achieving 98%.

Next steps

Maylim is currently refining its net zero carbon policy. By using SmartWaste they have been able to capture the carbon footprint of its current projects. This baseline is providing insight on where improvement can be made and helping Maylim set its sustainable construction policy objectives.

Maylim is also trialling the use of biofuel and will be capturing this consumption in SmartWaste going forward. This will help to determine the environmental benefits of this carbon free fuel. By the start of 2022, every Maylim project will be using SmartWaste, extending the platform’s usage across the organisation.

About Maylim

Maylim is an award-winning contractor delivering high quality public realm projects. Its experience extends to include external works, hard and soft landscaping, as well as highway and civil engineering projects in both public and private sectors throughout London and the South East. Maylim has a small family culture, with a team that is passionate about precision and quality. The success of Maylim’s work is down to its company-wide expertise, wealth of knowledge and experience, and the strength of its partnerships within the industry.

For more information on Maylim:
+44 (0) 207 785 6996
[email protected]

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