#NotJustWaste – Energy

Ever looked around your construction site and wondered what consumes the most energy? The key to managing and reducing energy consumption is to have an understanding of what is being consumed in the first place.

With external pressures such as increasing energy prices, new climate change laws and the desire to be seen as environmentally conscious finding the right tools to help you can be a game changer.

Using a digital tool, such as SmartWaste, which automatically calculates CO2 emissions and allows for the upload of photographic evidence, is a highly efficient way of monitoring and reporting energy consumption, saving time and resource.

The SmartWaste Energy module enables users to record electricity, natural gas and fuel usage, allowing you to understand exactly what is being consumed against plan, and set and monitor reduction targets.

As with other SmartWaste modules, the energy module is also linked to BREEAM, helping to achieve credits for monitoring energy consumption and CO2 emissions on your project.

Reduce project costs on all your projects.

Target Helps you reduce your company carbon footprint.

Can be used to collate data for ISO 14001 purposes.