#NotJustWaste – Material Management

An important issue adversely affecting the performance of construction projects is the improper handling of materials during the construction stage. Occasionally materials management can be seen as problematic as it can be hard to track suppliers and use of certified and non-certified materials.

Often this is tracked on paper-based reports which can be challenging, error-prone, and inefficient. With the move towards a digital culture, software such as SmartWaste has enabled easier tracking and recording of data related to materials such as timber, brick and block, structural steel, plasterboard, insulation, and many more used in the construction stage.

The SmartWaste Materials Management module allows you to track and monitor the use of certified and non-certified materials on your construction projects including their embodied carbon impacts. Data can also be recorded for a variety of material types inducing timber, steel, concrete amongst others. The module also allows you to comprehensively record and monitor suppliers’ certificates to ensure responsible sourcing standards are implemented.

Track Track the purchase and use of certified and non-certified materials.

Sourcing standards Ensure responsible sourcing standards are implemented, recorded and monitored.

Sustainability Standards Adhere to industry sustainability standards including FSC, PEFC, BES6001, BS8902 CARES, Eco-Reinforcement, and ISO14001.