#NotJustWaste – Energy

Although reports indicate that the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions (of which carbon dioxide is the greatest component) have decreased over the last 30 years, transport has now become the greatest contributor, accounting for 26% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Architects and engineers design buildings that are energy efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. In turn steps can also be taken to reduce emissions during the construction phase in terms of energy consumed on site but also transport related emissions.

The SmartWaste Transport Management capability allows you to track and record journeys, associated fuel usage, and related CO2 emissions for waste removed from the site, materials delivered to site and travel associated with staff and contractors. With this information it is then possible to compare performance against targets, understand travel related impacts and set improvement goals.

Record carbon emission data for waste removed from site.

Target Compare performance against targets.

Conform with various Schemes and Standards for carbon emissions data, including BREEAM.