#NotJustSecurity – Audits and Inspection

Audits and inspections are an essential part of any safety management system and reassure managers that safety arrangements are being followed. It provides reassurance and peace of mind that the work being carried out in accordance with legal and best practice requirements and to demonstrate that safety standards are being followed on their sites. Importantly regular audits and inspections identify any shortcomings and areas of improvements before they result in any incident or accident on site.

The YellowJacket Audits and inspections capability is one of the most used functionally within the tool. workers on site can quickly and efficiently complete H&S audits and inspections, in real-time wherever they may be.

Audits and inspections capability can record positive or negative observations against several topics including environmental, occupational health, process improvement, safety, property, quality, and security. Areas of interest or concern can be pin-pointed on site plans and diagrams, and evidenced with photographs.

Document evidence of compliance for all your stakeholders.

Ensure audits & inspections are completed on time.

Improve your safety & quality performance through identification of trends.