#NotJustSafety – Incident and Near Misses

It is estimated that approximately three quarters of all accidents are preceded by one or more near misses.

Incidents and near misses serve as a warning for employers that there is something wrong and that a serious incident is waiting to happen.

Accurate reporting of near misses is the first step in helping to reduce the likelihood of an injury or even fatality from occurring. However, an investigation cannot take place if the near miss is not reported. Therefore, implementing a successful safety management programme, such as YellowJacket, to ensure near misses are reported and investigated is an important step in reducing serious incidents on site.

The YellowJacket Incident capability records near misses, personal injury, damage to property and the environment all in one place, making it easy and efficient to use. It also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to support your own incident near miss processes.

Reduce the cost and disruption caused by accidents and incidents.

Identify and implement change that eliminates or mitigates the risk of incidents.

Safety and Quality Performance Report on trends across your organisation.