#NotJustSafety – Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management within the construction industry can be very complex with numerous organisations involved throughout the lifecycle of a building. One of the best ways to manage your supply chain effectively is to establish a clear hierarchy through a software solution, which clarifies the levels of authority within the project.

The YellowJacket Supply Chain Management capability enables your suppliers and contractors to contribute to and participate in your safety strategies, helping to identify concerns and assist with the associated resolution. Contractors can be registered on the system and then specifically associated with the projects they are working on. Key contacts are recorded so that any actions that are raised as part of an inspection can be directly allocated to the responsible party, across the supply chain.

Manage across supply chain Manage safety, health, environmental and quality processes across your complete supply chain.

Enhance the availability, quality and consistency of information to inform your decision making.

Gain insight Report on trends across your organisation.