#NotJustSafety – Action Management

Construction projects, like many others, consist of a series of activities, tasks and plans which need to be managed efficiently and delivered effectively by a number of different individuals and teams. Irrespective of what the task or activity being completed is, it is likely that there will be several follow up actions as a result, particularly if something doesn’t go to plan!

If these actions are recorded on paper, individual files, emails or disconnected applications, there is a risk that the information could be lost or miss-communicated. Automating the action management process with a tool like YellowJacket improves productivity, allows for timely responses and means the whole process can be tracked.

The YellowJacket Action Management module allows you to capture actions, which can be easily monitored and followed up and has a range of reports to help you ensure issues are effectively resolved.

Reduce time taken to raise and resolve actions Reduce the time taken to raise and resolve actions across your supply chain

Allocate allocations Allocate actions to whoever is responsible for their resolution

Safety and Quality compliance Always ensure and evidence safety and quality compliance